Generate performance and analytical reports at the account, group, household or composite level.


From basic reports such as holdings and transactions, to more dynamic performance reports, you control what you want to view.

While these reports are a very useful tool, they are meaningless if the data is inaccurate.  That is why we go through a rigorous process of cleansing, standardizing and auditing data received from various sources.

Aggregate account data from many sources to provide a holistic view of your client’s assets.

Dynamic performance history reporting screenshot


Review how strategies or groups of accounts are performing as a composite.  Our composite calculations include GIPS standards so you can maintain compliance.  In addition, you can compare your composites to various indexes including blends.  Our tools also allow you to apply account thresholds such as minimum beginning and ending account balances, large cash flows and high cash percentages.  Apply any of these to automatically disallow accounts that don’t meet your criteria for a given composite.  Just set the thresholds and let the system do the rest.


Having a complete picture of your client’s assets is critical to managing their portfolio.  Our system has direct data feeds from various custodians, TAMPs and other entities, to help bring your entire client’s assets together.  To augment this further, we have partnered with ByAllAccounts to gain access to other accounts your client’s may have such as 401Ks and other held away assets.


Portfolio Pathway continues to add more features to our platform that help you analyze portfolio risk, review model drift and even manage operational workflow.  Some of these include:

Target versus actual portfolio reporting feature screenshot